Folxlore Design

Design is Storytelling
Whether you're designing a logo, a t-shirt, or a game, crafting and arranging symbols to convey an idea or emotion is the work of a storyteller.

Storytelling is Design
While our traditional idea of storytelling utilizes language - written or spoken - what are letters, words, phrases, and sentences other than symbols we've agreed carry a particular meaning?

Folxlore is Storytelling & Design
The contents of this site are an exploration of the act of storytelling through design and design through storytelling. Not all explorations lead to perfect places, but the joy is in the journey

Game Design

All of my games are free to download and play. Tabletop game assets are available as print and play, potentially including source files for use with laser cutting/etching.Clicking a game below will take you to the design document for the game, which will include links to download the game.

Logo Design

Creating a logo is storytelling at its most concise. I love working with creative folks and small companies to create logos that tell their story and speak to their ethos.

Illustration & T-Shirt Design

I often doodle and design random things when I'm feeling stuck on bigger projects. Sometimes I turn those into t-shirt designs. All proceeds go to support black trans folks.

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